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Employment overseas - farm work for kiwis

Welcome to Ag Work Abroad Ltd.

We are a New Zealand based company sourcing good kiwi labour for seasonal agricultural work in Australia and elsewhere abroad - harvest work, seeding and cropping, tractor driving, arable farming jobs and more.

We work for both employers and employees, carefully matching the job-seeker to the job to ensure a happy experience for everyone.

Job seekers

Kiwi job-seekers, if you are looking for mining jobs in Australia, have you considered farm work? We can place you on one of Western Australia's massive cropping properties, for example, with the potential for plenty of hours and excellent money. Often, accommodation and meals are supplied meaning that all your earnings can go straight into the bank.


Employers and farm owners, we have fit, healthy and keen kiwis just itching to get to work on your farm. Kiwis are renowned world wide for being great employees. Kiwis are honest, work hard and show initiative. And we're fun to have around.

We put you together

We'll do all the hard work for both of you. It’s simple - just contact us with the position you have available, or the position you want, and we’ll get on with finding you the right person for your job, or the right job for you.

After a little paperwork to make sure we're all on the same page, we'll put you together into what will, we're sure, be a great working experience.

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